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In the last few months we have upped our game a bit, having learnt more about our audiences and the needs of those we visit at certain locations.

Having visited a couple of different hospitals, it had come to our attention that we might be able to help a lot of people with the following new product!


                                                             We’re so excited to open this big box!


Introducing, the iBeanie! These little gems have caused quite the stir at events and online. The need for them is greater than we realised; there are lots of people up and down the UK who use iPads and tablets on a daily basis, but not all find it easy due to medical problems or conditions.

This is where the iBeanie comes in. It holds your device up for you so you can be hands free, whether you’re doing some online grocery shopping, Skyping family and friends or watching your favourite film! We had somebody at a recent event who decided he was going to watch the footie on his phone!

Such a simple idea but extremely useful to many different people with different needs.


We are so excited about the iBeanies and we hope

they continue to help more people in future!

Here are some of our favourite patterns!



Here are some pictures of our new items at events!


Our beanbag definitely won on this occasion.. !
Stacked them all up in a cute basket!






Ok this wasn’t at an event but we thought it was adorable!! If you’ve got a cat iBeanie, we’d love you to tag us on Instagram!


We’re always happy to answer any queries, send us an email!

Come back for more news on our newest items in stock soon!

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